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The NSS is in operation in our college for more than two decades, it has grown quantitatively and qualitatively. The response of students in all these years has been excellent. NSS has aroused among the students an awareness of the realities of life, a better understanding and appreciation of the problem of the people. NSS is a concrete attempt in making education relevant to the needs of the society. Development of the personality of students through community service is a major objective of the NSS. The students enrolled as NSS volunteers, participate in the NSS programmes and are fully conversant with the objectives of the motto of the NSS viz., “Not ME BUT YOU”

The following members of the faculty are Programme Officers.

  • Dr. M.Kalyanasundaram - NSS Advisor - Department of Commerce
  • Unit I – Dr. P.Soundarajan - Asst. Prof. in Commerce
  • Unit II - Dr. S.Manonmani - Asst. Prof. in Tamil
  • Unit III - Mr.S.Elango - Asst. Prof. in Commerce
  • Unit IV - Dr.N.Saravanan - Asst. Prof. in Commerce