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Department of Social Work


The management and senior faculty members felt the need for a social work department and introduced the Master of Social Work Course in 1997 as a part of the vision of the founder and the mission of the college in higher education. The management felt the urge to give equal importance to the study of social sciences after having established the computer related sciences. The need for social work as discipline at the masters’ level was the urgent need of the day with rise in the deterioration of the traditional value system and rapid increase in delinquent human behavior, which is a setback to the growth and overall progress of the nation. It is after assessing the values of the course and in continuation of the steadfast mission setout at the inception of the college in building a strong nation with a sound value system that the social work department was established.

There is a consistent demand for this course from the neighbouring states of Kerala, Andra Pradesh, Pondichery, Andaman and Nicobar Islands apart from the students from all over Tamil Nadu.

The students who are spread out all over Tamil Nadu serving the NGOs and other social service organizations, hospitals, industries etc have made considerable inroads in these areas of specialization. As Tiruchirappalli provides the necessary space for the fieldwork and the curricular practical work in the areas of specialization, the students have a good exposure and gain adequate knowledge in these areas.

The students have to attend a block placement programme outside Tiruchirappalli, which gives them the first-hand knowledge of the stark reality of the social problems in India. The department has adequate library facilities to serve members of the faculty and the students.

List of Programmes in the Department of Social Work

  • B.S.W (Bachelor of Social Work)
  • M.S.W (Master of Social Work)