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The National Cadet Corps is the largest uniformed youth organization. The motto of NCC is UNITY AND DISCIPLINE. Our college NCC unit is guided by 2TNBN NCC, which is one of the oldest NCC unit in India. We have strength of 110 cadets, in which thirty percent is girls. Basically the training programme is charted as parades.

The following trainings are imparted to NCC cadets

  • Drill
  • Weapon Training
  • Adventure Training
  • Field Craft
  • Battle Craft
  • Social Service

Total training period is three years. In first year, general training is given to cadets. In the second years cadets attend various campus as well as they appear for ‘B’ certificate examination. In the third year, cadets are eligible to appear for ‘C’ certificate examination.

In short, cadets are shaped to be role models of the Nation.