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Wisdom Club


Dr.M.Prakash, Asst professor in physics is the coordinator for the WISDOM Club in our college.

The Wisdom club of Urumu Dhanalakshmic College, Tiruchirappalli, true to its name seeks to enrich the wisdom of its members. The primary aim of the club is to tap the leadership qualities in the students and to create socially responsible citizens.

The club is predominantly involved in social awareness programmes. It's signature event "Intelligensia", an inter-school contest is popular among the students of in and around Kattur schools.

Wisdom club concentrates on the following traits among students.

“The secret to living a happy life….. RESPECT… respect yourself, respect wisdom, respect people, respect your loved ones, respect those who help you, respect those who oppose you, respect your joys, respect your sorrows, respect your divinity, respect life, respect this moment, respect your past, respect your future, respect everything with a full and open heart…… RESPECT will uncover the true depth of who you really are, respect will take you beyond your ego and to a place where only the Gods can dance in ecstacy... your whole success in life really can be summarized into one word…. RESPECT……